Ecommerce geo-targeting for personalization and security, simplified

In today’s global economy, you can’t take a one size fits all approach to meeting the needs of consumers. Online shoppers enjoy personalized experiences and prefer transacting with companies that understand their needs.

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Boost Conversions

Boost conversions and improve user satisfaction

Research from Google shows that geotargeting boosts the probability of conversions by 61%. From content localization, to custom product selections, IPMaper enables you to leverage geotargeting with only a few clicks.

Improve Conversions

Protect your site

By default, eCommerce sites don't have comprehensive safeguards to prevent inbound attacks. IPMapper serves as a customizable web application firewall, that blocks high-risk traffic from reaching your site.

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What we do

Seamless website integration

To install IPMapper, you or your web developer copy and paste a line of code into the header or footer of your website. There’s no software to download or patches to apply. You can get started in minutes!

Advanced location segmentation

Use our granular geo-targeting filters to route visitors to the right version of content for their region. Include or exclude regions based on a country, state, or even city level.

Built in analytics

Access advanced information on your website audiences. See where your website visitors are coming from, how your website rules are performing, and more. You can even export the data for more advanced processing.

Comprehensive protection

With the flip of a switch, your website will be protected from a variety of malicious attackers, thanks to our comprehensive database of blacklisted IP addresses, and intelligent traffic filtering.

Complete flexibility

Digital markets are constantly changing which is why you can easily create, modify, and erase geo-targeting rules in real-time, with only a few clicks within the IPMapper dashboard.

Fully managed

IPMapper is fully managed, meaning you don’t have to worry about security, geo-location patches, or server downtime. We do all the work for you behind the scenes.

How geo-targeting works

IPMapper acts as your first line of defense against cyber attacks. It also ensures that visitors are served the right content based on their location. For example, when a shopper in Boston visits a store that uses IPMapper, they will be redirected to a page that features local offers.

When the IPMapper geo-targeting functionality is enabled, all inbound traffic requests are routed through the engine. Malicious requests are blocked, while legitimate requests are processed according to your desired configuration.

The routing is done behind the scenes so website visitors are provided a seamless browsing experience.

Installs with just a few clicks
Installs with just a few clicks
Flexible rule management to fit your exact business needs
Flexible rule management to fit your exact business needs
Automatically detects and mitigate attacks
Automatically detects and mitigates attacks
Built-in analytics to provide essential insights
Built-in analytics to provide essential insights

See it in action

  • The IPMapper dashboard enables users to view detailed visitor information, and also control website traffic wtih a few clicks.
  • Create geo-filters with our starte of the art click and block user experience.
  • Leverage automatic filters to protect your site from malicious visitors.

Hear from our users


As a manufacturing business owner, I use IPMapper to prevent competitors in high-risk countries from accessing my businesses intellectual property. IPMapper provides the peace of mind I need, so I can focus on improving my business operations.


I chose IPMapper based on a recommendation from one of my classmates in my drop-shipping course to find a program to protect the site from pirating. I found yours in my research and your software looked easy to use and integrate. And not “hokey” (if that makes sense).

Frequently asked questions

Will IPMapper work with my website?
IPMapper is engineered to seamlessly integrate into any website that uses standard web technologies. It’s a one line script that can be pasted into the header or footer of your website code. It’s easy to implement yourself, or we’re more than glad to assist.
Can I change my plan after making a purchase?
Yes! IPMapper is designed to fit the needs of your business, both today and into the future. You’re free to switch plans at any time.
Can I use IPMapper on multiple websites?
In order to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of our users, IPMapper is billed on a per-site license. We provide a free tier however, and our paid plans are offered in month to month terms.
Will IPMapper employees gain access to my website data?
The IPMapper team takes privacy seriously, which is why our employees don’t have direct access to client data (unless absolutely necessary, such as when providing customer support). We only retain high-level analytics data (IP addresses, location information, etc.) to verify the legitimacy of traffic, and to provide geo-location functionality.
Will IPMapper affect my website performance?
Since IPMapper doesn’t install bloated software on your web host account or server, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. The IPMapper servers are housed in state of the art data centers, with 24x7 security, backup generators, and high-speed fiber connections.

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